None I am more appreciative for but my soul mate and life partner. Though there are times where translations are a little lost, tensions are high or expectations fail to match reality, every such moment is an opportunity to understand eachother better.

His kindness, thoughtfulness and patience fill my heart with the burning desire to be better – Not to be other than who I am, but to play to my own positive aspects. He is warm, gentle and loving. If we see in others a reflection of ourselves, he is the best version of me.

There are countless moments and memories that I could detail, though no words could convey the wonder of his being. His ability to cast aside his own desires for the good of our family, his generous spirit and helpful nature merely scratch the surface of the life we have come together within.

I do believe not a better man does exist, for his strengths far and beyond outweigh his flaws. No matter how many empty toilet rolls or bottle caps I find gracing the strangest of places in our home, I am still grateful for him.


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