One of 52 weeks of gratitude. Why, you say? 

So I can watch what I have, multiply. So I can see my situation clearly and keep myself humble. So I can direct my focus towards that which makes me feel good. So I can raise the vibration of my being. So I can feel the warmth of the emotion spreading from my heart, all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes. So I am projecting positively.

To choose responsiveness and appreciation. To find more and more things to get into that vortex. To get all lit up. To fill in my grid. To improve overall conditions. To feel the richness of my experience and to recognise the joy and comfort that is here for me every day of my life. To continue to change my perspective. To start off on the right foot. To get in my groove. To recognise the source within me and feel the expansion that is always calling. To find greater and greater ways of improving my now. To identify for the Universe what I am loving and ready for more of. To open doors not yet apparent.

Now, even having been so general, I feel the glow of gratitude within me. What better reason to practise the gratitude vibration? 

All is well where I am.


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