Every moment is powerful.

You know that moment, where you feel something resonate hard with your inner being?

Those chuckles of amusement at manifestation?

When you start to recognise the evidence turning up everywhere?

It’s seeing the spiders you’ve been constantly thinking about, everywhere. It’s a phonecall from someone, on your mind earlier that day. It’s a feather, or a million.

I want to live there. I want to unfold in an awareness of my own creation. I want to constantly be surprised and delighted. I know everything is there for me. I am flowing with it. I am relaxing and allowing. I am being easy with it. I’m not making a big deal. I am simply flowing from moment to moment. I can chill out, I can find better and better feeling thoughts. I know the more I focus on the good feelings, the more they’ll grow. I know I will still experience contrast in order to continually ask. I know I’ll continue to receive. I acknowledge that there is a driving force within me, that the larger part of me is proud of. I can see the way the Universe is yielding to me. I am able to be gentle and kind. I love being inspired to action. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completion. I know just how to ring my own bells. I am always looking for ways to get tuned in, tapped in, turned on. I love the feeling of recognising I’m in the vortex of appreciation and just hanging around there. I’m in the vortex a lot of the time and I’m spending more and more time there daily. I am ready for what’s next. I am excited about my life. I can feel everything lining up for me. I know it’s coming. I’m already basking in the joy of my existence. I am learning to stay in that place, even when circumstances arise. I can maintain my vibration well. This is so exciting! I love what’s coming! I love what’s here! I’m so looking forward to waking up tomorrow for a new day! Every moment is powerful!


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