Appreciation and allowing.

Where need exists, be it fulfilled. Trust in my emotional guidance. Every day gets better and better. I am listening to my feelings and relaxing into the flow. I can choose the path of least resistance. Everything I invisioned is materialising. I love taking inspired action. Every step just feels so exciting and right. Everywhere I look things fill me with joy. I love the satisfaction of organisation. I like to direct the unfolding. I love being hands on, in amongst, astonishing myself with just what I am capable of with such little effort. I trust the answer is always available. I allow solutions to present themselves with ease. There is so much joy in this unfolding. I am blown away every day by the pure miracles of nature. How beautiful to witness the emergence of awareness from birth. The amazing fact that humans, all animals really, have the power to call forth a whole individual consciousness. To birth is literally to create a brand new point of attraction. A being that was not in the physical until that moment. If life isn’t a pure miracle, what else?


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