Sweet spot.

Every moment from this point forward is an opportunity. It was before, but now I’m seeing things in a new way. My intent is not to deny the “struggle” or contrast, but simply to open my awareness up to everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ve learned that if I can relax enough or feel good enough, in other words, I can allow my own flow. I can choose the path of least resistance. I know it is available to me at all times and I am seeing it, more and more of the time. I am enjoying this awareness. I am learning quickly. I am enjoying the ride. I love being with other people. I like to help and uplift others. I want to be an encourager, a friend, somebody who is willing to help. I am loving this whole new life. I now know that anything is possible. I love it when I get on a roll. I am elated when I find that sweet spot, that place where I’ve been positively ranting for a while and there’s that feeling that grows like a warmth in your belly that spreads just like a smile on your face. Ooh, I positively adore it when I find such a variety of words to explain what I’m feeling, doing, seeing, thinking. I like knowing that I can manipulate language. My feelings are important to me. I care about how I feel. I am rocking at this writing down what I want to feel. I know the more that pours out of me when I get to this place, the longer I’ll feel better, the more often I’ll feel better, the easier I will find things. I am in control of my own vibration! I can see where this is going. I know it’s already mine. There is a never ending flow towards me. Not only me but the ones around me. I think about them with love and gratitude. I wrap them up with thoughts of rest, relief, joy and love. All is well here.


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