Guilded and guided.

Moment by moment, day after day, I am putting in the work. The only work that really matters – Inner work. The more I consciously focus my energy on the good feeling thoughts, the more I am spontaneously inspired to action. The more I am inspired to action, the more I notice or experience things that make me feel good. The better I feel, the better it is reflected back to me. There are always things around me to be grateful for and appreciative of, however my attention to them allows more of the same to flow into my experience.

I love to use the words “gold” and “golden” to describe actions, outcomes and attitudes. Good as gold, for instance. It implies to me a richness, satisfaction, warmth, contentment, relaxation and enjoyment. It reflects to me the value of an experience, how good it makes me feel. When I am good as gold, or things are golden, I’m so aligned, lit up, inspired. I’m loving life. When I’m loving life, when I am feeling inspired, I am drawn to act in one way or another. That’s when the evidence starts to appear and unfold.

Today, everything has been golden. I was out and about with my son all morning, which went exceptionally well given he’s not quite 12 weeks old. We were in the parent’s room of a shopping mall about 30 minutes from where we live. In previous visits I had felt self conscious and insecure, keeping to myself and avoiding eye contact. However today, in this good feeling place, every time someone came in there were exchanges of knowing smiles, words and laughter. Just about everybody cleared out and another mum emerged from a curtained cubicle with her adorable daughter. She had a wicked energy about her, so in this moment of vibing and feeling so up to speed with this positive energy, I struck up a conversation. We chatted for quite some time and ended up exchanging details with the intention of catching up in the future. Now, who knows if that will ever happen. I didn’t go there with that intention. But in being all lined up, tuned in, tapped in, turned on, I had followed the inspiration to actually go way out of my local town when everything I needed was available there. That inspired action guided me to meeting this really lovely person and even if nothing further comes forth from it, I moved forward with my day feeling even better. Seeking and finding, seeking and finding.

This wasn’t the only thing that I noticed today, however it is fantastic evidence of where the inner work is taking me. The more I take notice, the more evidence appears. Beautifully simple, right?


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