Thy cup runneth over.

A morning of late summer rain, filling me with delight like never before. In a moment or two of peace and quiet, I venture outside in coat and boots to assess the ever increasing bounty that awaits just across the sprawling lawn. As fresh and new each day, I seek and constantly find more. Such rich reward for little effort! 

Abundant as always, I take just what is at it’s prime, leaving the rest to ripen and ready. A courgette left but a single day longer would transform so quickly to Marrow. That which many would abandon still tastes just as sweet. Strands of tomatoes just one or two ripe, each to it’s own time. Grateful in want not to waste. Taking it’s time is the capsicum; not to be outdone by it’s cousin, the chilli, in flavour but surely in number. Bursting are the broccoli into flower, the plate missed by one in it’s haste to readiness. Though fresh life still springs from the very same stem.

Excited to gather, prepare and satisfy, I learn more with each attempt. More fit for eating always await their place in pot, container or garden bed. More still, that which is intended just for the pleasure of it’s flourishing. I eagerly anticipate the calling for winter crops, the experience providing basis for expansion, season after season. Thriving is the natural state of being here in this world.


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