Morning Rampage

I’m so pleased to see the blue sky through the gap in the curtain. It’s so nice just to lie here in this warm bed. I’m feeling pretty relaxed. I’m comfortable and at ease. Isn’t it nice to just be? I’m enjoying the process of beginning my day. I can see everything working out for me. There are things I see everywhere I look that are coming to fruition. I know I’m getting there. I know it’ll never be done, I know I’ll continue asking. It feels good to know I can ask for anything I want or need. It’s good to know that my needs are always met. I know good things are coming. I feel excited at the prospect of what’s unfolding. I can relax and be easy with it. I can be allowing and good humoured and fun. I see good things everywhere. I seek out the good in life. I know it’s always there and available to me. It feels good to recognised it and appreciate it. I acklowledge that it all comes from me. I enjoy knowing that I have so much power in every now. I love knowing that the only work is feeling good. I am open to inspiration. I know all I need to do is find that good feeling place within me and the rest will line up and fill in naturally. It’s nice to choose to feel good. I feel powerful and excited. I know what I’m doing. I’m getting the hang of this. I am finding what I’m seeking. I am looking for things that make me laugh. I am patient and willing. I am happy to take my time. I feel pretty good about where I’m going. It’s nice to just find the current and let it sweep me down stream. I am starting off on the right foot. Everything is working out for me. Everything is always working out for me. I am just rolling with it. I’m in the flow. I am noticing things around me changing. I am observing the instant result of the work I am doing. I feel it when I have an inspired thought. Inspiration to feel good flows to me with ease. It’s good to know that just by getting in alignment, I am allowing everything to come to me. It’s a relief not to struggle. It’s so good just to focus in on these points. I can feel the momentum building. I know I won’t always be there, but when I search, I will find it. I am excited about what’s to come. I am enjoying the unfolding. I trust that I know what I’m doing. I’m ready. I’m ready to be surprised and delighted. I’m ready for expansion and growth. I’m already noticing the evidence. It’s envigorating to observe thoughts materialising. I know there’s no rush. I’m just taking my time. I trust in perfect timing. I believe in wellbeing. I know it is everybody’s natural state of being. I allow my body to do it’s thing. I’m in awe of what my body is capable of. I’m appreciating how well my body is working. I can feel it responding to my mind. I’m feeling uplifted. I’m finding what I’m reaching for. It feels so good to know that I’m setting my own tone. It is so so good to know that once I’ve done that, the work is done! I love knowing that the tone will dictate my perception. I love perceiving, observing, noticing. I feel joyous at the pure miracle this life really is. It’s great to know what I focus upon will multiply. I’m so ready for this day. I’m so ready for the next moment. I’m so relaxed and revelling in this time of quiet. It’s so good to savour each moment. I love being open to change. Spontaneity is so exciting. I’m just so ready for the day’s unfolding. All is SO well where I am.


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