First Gilmpse.

My name is Jordan. I am a 26 year old mother of one, living rurally in New Zealand. I have a partner, Mike, who I am engaged to marry in November this year. Our son is coming up 12 weeks old this weekend, his name is Max. I spend my time caring for him and our home.

I grew up in Australia with one older sister and my Kiwi parents. We moved interstate from Victoria to Western Australia when I was just about 10. The call of my homeland brought me here to New Zealand when I was 15 and I’ve met with so much experience and growth in this last 11 years. I have always felt right to my core that this is where I belong. All I need is to look around me to see why. I have everything I could ever need, and more.
After a great deal of deep thought, I am chosing to direct the focus of my message toward life’s beauty. This blog is not solely about my son, which would be very easy to do, nor will it completely exclude personal posts. I desire not to deny the presence of “problems” in my life – I experience challenges just as you do. But what I am coming to learn is that the more you focus upon things that are working out, the more things will be working out.

I have been so blessed in life, even the tragedy and heartache have served a higher purpose. I believe in the good things that are coming. I am learning, understanding and applying the law of attraction to my life. I am evolving, redifining and building foundations. The only work: finding ways to feel good. Relax into the unfolding. Everything else will take care of itself.


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