From where I sit.

My bedside table is scattered with dreams and memories. My Nana’s broken china teacup with some little succulents recovering from a battle on the windowsill with the sun. Some polished rocks, a handful of macrame wrapped necklaces, a concrete butterfly and more! A picture of my partner and son, just November new. A carved wooden bowl filled with stuff – you know the kind! Paperclips, nailclippers, bobbypins.. Keys, chains and coins. Even a little winding music box that chimes to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. There is a salt lamp, as one in each room of our little space that is just for us where we live. Pencils, pens and even scissors and cellotape are available for use. Sometimes it is messy and stacked up with things.. Books, devices, cards and random notes are known to grace it’s surface from time to time. Let’s not forget the odd paper coffee cup, or often water bottle that serves it’s own reminder. The current bedtime project has grown so that it is on the floor, oh how big it has grown! The corner table is draped in an old sarong from childhood, with a picture of myself with my love perched atop. The two other things on the table are a book filled with wedding details and a jar of coins. Just silver and copper. But the humour of the universe is becoming more apparent day after day. To observe these things awakens my senses and brings me the inspiration. I am setting the tone. We are all here to feel good, to enjoy, have fun, get excited, be fulfilled. I have stories to tell with a new perspective. All is well where I am.


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