My father can be both a hero, and a villian. In the same breath as he takes so much joy from winding me up to the degree of screeching hyena, he also would go to great lengths to ensure that I am safe. He loves to remind me of my many flawed traits, while he quietly appreciates my positive aspects. The child he once perceived me to be, can now stand before him as a grown woman. No longer simply a daughter, but a wife and a mother. For many years, I assumed the lack of outward expression of pride … Continue reading Four.


It is wholeheartedly I believe that family need not only be blood. Those who have assisted and lifted me throughout the years have often been friends, chosen as family, as relationships deepen. Though not to discount my bloodline and all that they have and continue to give. If not for family, I would have been unable to see the light in the darkness. Pleading late night phonecalls, to the rescue my father would come. Many sheepish returns to a family home that has seen many members come and go. Though I am stronger, more stable now. Refuge sought, and found. … Continue reading Three.


Close your eyes, ease your mind. Take a trip through your subconscious. The elusive place of suspension and distortion. Look closer, friend, to find more of what lies deeper. Breathe in, breathe out. Creating rhythm. Perfect timing and relaxed flow, becoming one with the source within and without. Focus. Gentle, friendly, calm. Bringing it down, sinking into a broader perspective. All is well, more than can be told. Surrender. Continue reading Dreaming.

Appreciation and allowing.

Where need exists, be it fulfilled. Trust in my emotional guidance. Every day gets better and better. I am listening to my feelings and relaxing into the flow. I can choose the path of least resistance. Everything I invisioned is materialising. I love taking inspired action. Every step just feels so exciting and right. Everywhere I look things fill me with joy. I love the satisfaction of organisation. I like to direct the unfolding. I love being hands on, in amongst, astonishing myself with just what I am capable of with such little effort. I trust the answer is always … Continue reading Appreciation and allowing.